Call for Offers: Spanish – German – Spanish translator

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is one of the largest political education institutions in Germany today, with branches in many countries worldwide. The Brussels Office operates as a think tank reflecting on European and international issues such as the global power shift and the socio-ecological transformation of today’s society. The service will be provided to Madrid Liaison Office, that reports to Brussels Office.

The Madrid Liaison Office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung would like to conclude a long-term translation service agreement for our publications awarding these services through a bidding process to a skilled and efficient applicant.

If you would like to apply to this open call we ask you to submit your binding offer in English at, with the following documents.

We will only evaluate offers from applicants who fulfill all of the following points:

  • have signed with a legally binding signature the attached “Terms of order and agreement for interpretation, translation, and proofreading services” (appendix 1), to indicate that they agree with it,

  • have submitted the translation test (appendixes 2 and 3),

  • have submitted significant references and CV,

  • have submitted their binding financial offers

  • deadline: 20.03.2021.

The financial offer should include the following prices:

  • Price per word DE-SP

  • Price per word SP-DE

  • Price per word proofreading in German

  • Price per word proof reading in Spanish

  • Any other costs that the service may entail

All offers received are weighed according to the following criteria:



Result of the translation test




If you need further information please contact:

Vera Bartolomé at

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