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The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is one of the largest political education institutions in Germany today, with branches in many countries worldwide. The Brussels Office operates as a think tank reflecting on European and international issues such as the global power shift and the socio-ecological transformation of today’s society.

The Madrid Liaison office needs to cover the following service associated with a report on mapping the Spanish extreme right.


  • 2.000 copies of book with aprox 600 pages
  • A5 Format (14,80 x 21 cm)
  • Paper: FSC matt coated. Covers 350 grs. Interior 90grs
  • External cover and 16 internal covers 4 inks. Rest 1 ink (black and grey scales)

The price should also include any other cost that the service may entail. The final price will not vary from the received and approved offer.

We will only evaluate offers from applicants who fulfill all of the following points:

  • Have submitted social and sustainability responsibilities
  • Have submitted their binding financial offers by 30.06.2021.

All offers received are weighed according to the following criteria:

  • Price: 60%
  • Social and Sustainability responsability: 40%

Remuneration is defrayable after delivery and billing. The invoices are to be addressed to the client and have to contain all legal information, the delivery date and the sales tax identification number of the client, N0173545E. The client pays through bank transfers.

  • Please submit your financial offer in English to be-fore 30.06.2021.
  • If you need further information please contact

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