Call for offers: PR Management

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftunp is one of the largest political education institutions in Germany today, with branches in many countries worldwide. The Brussels Office operates as a think tanI‹ reflecting on European and international issues such as the plobal power shift and the socio- ecological transformation of today‘s society.

The Madrid Liaison Office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftunp is calling for offers for communications services for Madrid office, responsible for Public Relations and communication activities. In particular:

  • Website content management (calculated on a monthly basis, with an average of 1 post

per week)

  • Social media management (calculated on a monthly basis, average of 1 post per day on labor days with contents of RLS and outside contents)
  • Development of communications strategies for specific projects and activities.

Please, also send quotation for the following extra services that can be asked eventually:

  • Analitical articles on politics (delivered in Spanish) —2.000 words aprox.
  • Interviews — 45 minutes
  • Suppport on events
  • Key speaker
  • Moderation or facilitation in conferences or workshops

The period of this offer will be for 2 years (2024 and 2025)

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