Call for offers: Managing Company/Processing Agency

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is one of the largest political education institutions in Germany today, with branches in many countries worldwide. The Brussels Office operates as a think tank reflecting on European and international issues and the Madrid Liaison Office is part of Brussels now.

For our office in Madrid, we need to start the year 2024 with a Managing Company/Processing Agency responsible to do all the managing, documentation, consultancy and communication of the following:

  • Official Accountancy of the Madrid Office in coordination with the Office Management.
  • Confection and adaptations of payrolls: 3 employees.
  • Taxes: all related to IRPF and VAT, eventually any other.
  • AEAT and TGSS virtual inbox.
  • Digital signature.
  • Manage relations with Social Security and Tax Authorities.
  • According to our Legal Status, take care of any changes or adaptations that we may need to comply with current legislation.
  • Other services may be requested according to the needs of the foundation (basic Q&A and/or more advanced services like lawyers).

All the communication will be done in English; therefore, proficiency in this language should be proved.

As part of the application, the appendix 1 (Framework Contract) should be signed to prove that the service provider agrees with it.

The award criteria are:

  • Price 60%
  • Technical proposal 40% (presentation of the experience in third sector entities, workflow proposal, and any other technical information that the bidder includes).

Remuneration is defrayable after delivery and billing. The invoices are to be addressed to the client and have to contain all legal information, the delivery date and the sales tax identification number of the client, (ES)N0173545E. The client pays through bank transfers.

Please submit your financial and technical offers in English (at before 13th December 2023. In order to ensure that the bids received are comparable, please submit a proposal in the following order:


  • Accounting management of the activity of the Madrid office.
  • Advice on accounting queries and preparation of supplier invoices.


  • Settlement and presentation of all the necessary tax obligations. By way of example, these are the forms that are being filed, without prejudice to others that may be necessary after the analysis of our legal status: 111, 115, 180, 190, 309 and 349.
  • If necessary, preparation and legalization of books and filing of annual accounts.


  • Management of registrations, cancellations and variations of workers in the General Regime of the Social Security.
  • Preparation of employment contracts according to official models if necessary, as well as special clauses.
  • Registration of contracts.
  • Preparation of settlements and company certificates.
  • Preparation of payrolls.
  • Calculation of employee income tax.
  • Preparation of contribution slips and settlement of social security contributions.
  • Preparation of withholding tax payment forms.
  • Advice on labor consultations.
  • Management of IT and work accident reports.

OTHER SERVICES, including:

  • Management of TGSS and AEAT notifications.
  • Response to AEAT requirements and notifications.
  • Obtaining / renewal of digital certificates.
  • Legal advice in general.
  • Any other service that may be provided and could be valuable.

If you need further information, please contact Elsa Rodríguez de Lizana – Liaison Office, Madrid. or by telephone 910 21 24 12.


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